Here I am

The truth is that I didn't set out to be a "consultant."

I stepped away from being in a leadership role at a painful time in my personal and working life. And consulting opportunities were both available and the work I reached for.

One year later, here I am. And while I still don't have it all settled. I'm embracing the learning and all the ways consulting is working for me, my family, and the work I'm passionate about.

I love getting to drop into a community or organization at work and help make sense of where things are headed and what's wanting to be caused. I enjoy finding ways to share what I've learned in pursuit of making a meaningful, even if small, contribution to their ongoing efforts. And, selfishly, I get to learn so much as people share their real dreams and challenges.

There is so much to learn.

I'll use this space to share what's learning mejoys, wonderings, and that kind of thing. Your comments, questions, and provocations are welcomed.