Current Projects

A quick run down of the work I'm currently engaged in:

  • Facilitating organizational transition and development work with the Oregon Center for Educational Equity.
  • Contributing strategist in a joint project between Wonder and Movement Strategy Center to support funders to invest in youth organizing.
  • Co-creating True Framesa project committed to developing shared frames focused on supporting grassroots education advocates and communicators to develop a more potent narrative about the future of public education. 
  • Supporting Teaching Preschool Partners with the development and deployment of a Habits of Mind assessment for their early-childhood centers in Gladstone and Parkrose, with an eye towards it having developmental integrity, work well for educators, and roll-up and work at the state level. 
  • Collaborating on implementation and facilitation of the Epic School Partnership Network.
  • Leadership coaching and support of Trillium Public Charter School.
  • Designing and facilitating a series of forums engaging teachers, community leaders, and policy makers in advancing quality teaching and learning in the State of Oregon.
  • Working with Daryl Dixon at the Diversity Resource Group to support district leadership in pursuing an equity agenda in Gladstone Schools.
  • Reviewing and refining a strategic framing guide for facilitators engaged in community forums on the future of public education.